Welcome! We’re excited to share a collection of stories on the journey to introduce more active transportation and recreational connections to Lucasville. You’ll find project updates and information about upcoming events in our Blog, and our trail history in the About section. Check out our Greenway Vision for current plans.

We hope you enjoy learning about our evolving vision for a trail in Lucasville. Let us know what you think!


Update April 2020:


Due to COVID 19/Social Distancing & following Provincial Health Protocols…..

The Wednesday, April 15, 2020- 7:00 PM- Lucasville Greenway Society (LGS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) @ the Wallace Lucas Community Center has been postponed and will be rescheduled @ a later date- Post COVID 19 Provincial Health Protocols.

To all (LGS) Members , their families and friends, please continue to follow and practice the Provincial Health Protocols/Social Distancing & Stay Safe.


Update March 2020:

Due to COVID-19 & adhering to the practice of “Social Distancing” the Lucasville Greenway Society (LGS) has decided to CANCEL the Wednesday, March 18, 2020 Monthly Meeting. Future LGS Monthly Meetings TBD @ a later date.


Update October 2019:

We have a new blog update for progress this year, see it here.

The LGS needs community support to get the trail built, and will be accepting general members for the newly formed Lucasville Greenway Society! Membership cost $5 per year, which must be paid to join the society and vote at the meeting.

One update to share with you is a Private Sector Funding Contribution in the amount of $1750.00- ” Donated By Gregory Burke on behalf of Burke Investments ” .