Community Engagement 2 – Unveiling Phase 1 of the Greenway Vision on July 20, 2017

The Lucasville Greenway Walking/ Biking Trail Committee held their second Community Engagement event on July 20, 2017. The event was well attend, as there were over 50 community members, cyclists, trail volunteers, local government officials in attendance. Many individuals helped to advertise the event, and there was great interest from the community. Global News featured our group, and our event on their evening newscast.


Here is a poster used to advertise the event:



The event featured a live graphic recorder, who created a mural to capture the event discussion.


The Greenway Vision as captured by the Graphic Recorder.


The event began with a presentation on the history of the Lucasville Greenway Walking/ Biking Trail Committee.



Representatives from Design Point presented their research into the requirements, benefits, and challenges building a trail in Lucasville could pose. Here is the planned first phase of the trail which would run from the Wallace Lucas Community Centre to Old Sackville Road, near Sackville Drive. This proposed multi-use trail would connect to sidewalks and bike lanes near Sackville Drive.  17-036 Aerial Plan


The report that Design Point prepared about the Phase 1 trail report, and presentation slides, are featured here.


Below are some photos from the event.




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