Our group is the Lucasville Greenway Society (formerly the Lucasville Greenway Walking/ Biking Trail Committee, and before that the Lucasville Green Space Group), and we first started working to build a trail in Lucasville in 2015.

We worked with PLANifax to talk about Lucasville and why the community needs a trail, see the video below:

Our volunteers raised funds to hire a local consultant to develop a Greenway Vision on how to connect our communities by way of active transportation (cycling and walking) from Wallace Lucas Community Centre to Old Sackville Road. We want to build a connection to join Lucasville to Hammonds Plains and Lower Sackville,and strengthen connections within the community in Waterstone, Kingswood North, and Timber Trails. You can find the Greenway Vision here.

Residents would benefit from active transportation and recreational trail connections for health, pedestrian and cyclist safety, creating community connections and increasing tourism.

We’ve held Wing Nite fundraisers since 2016 to raise fund and awareness for our cause.